As an alternative to HGVs, Wreford's Transport has a subsidiary company named Woodview Light Transport to take care of smaller haulage requirements.

Woodview was formed in 1979, and is based in Wreford's premises on Edgar Mobbs Way. Although independently operated, there exists a very close relationship between the two companies, both taking full advantage of the others services, and can be contacted direct as follows:

Telephone : Tim Tofte (01604) 766201 ; Facsimile (01604) 701210

Sales Enquiries to Jenny sales@swwreford.co.uk

To summarise their services:

  • Vehicles range from 3.5cwt to 7.5tonne with or without tail-lift
  • All vehicle fitted with telecommunication links
  • FMCG and JIT delivery
  • Fully trained delivery crews
  • CMR, RHA and GIT Insurance coverage included
  • Courier, overnight and parcel services
  • 24 hour, 7 day a week UK service
  • Liveried contracts available
  • Competitive rates